Live on Kickstarter now! Our auto-locking, 100% waterproof pocket.

Care-less: RAKE’s new timeless and sustainable swimming trunks with a self-closing (magnetic!) waterproof pocket to keep your valuables safe and dry up to 100ft (30m) deep!

Pre-order for our Early Bird price of $69 (instead of $119).


Have you ever dug a hole at the beach to hide your valuables in before going for a swim?

Well Jack Sparrow, no need to bury your treasures anymore. RAKE has got your back! No need to carry around unflattering phone-pouches around your neck, or wear a fanny pack while swimming, just put your valuables in your pocket, and jump in!

Fashion meets functionality

Introducing the HydroLock™ pocket with SnapSure™ closure, where Dutch design meets German Engineering. It’s the world’s most advanced and intuitive apparel waterproof technology.

Whether you’re hitting the beach, exploring the great outdoors, or taking a boat trip, with your RAKE shorts on you don’t have to worry about a thing. A self-closing magnetic locking system that protects your valuables without you batting an eye. So now, you can just fully focus on finding Nemo.

Lookin’ good. Feeling Good.

“But what do they actually feel like?” we hear you ask. Easy, imagine carbon fiber had a one night stand with silk. It’s a performance lightweight, and a 100% recycled fabric. But, it’s hard wearing, and has a silhouette that holds a contemporary cut even when the HydroLock™ pocket is full.

And say goodbye to the itching down there. RAKE shorts have a super soft and fine mesh that’s designed for ‘all-day comfort’. To finish, there are some beautiful details that will make you smile every time you put them on, including low key branding on the inside and an artisanal drawstring. Premium quality in every aspect.