They aren’t just the brightest kid in class, but also easy on the eyes: our swimming shorts fitted with a 100% waterproof pocket!

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We know, the idea of jumping in the water with your phone, car keys, money, or other valuables might send a little shiver down your spine. But from now on you can, and without hesitation!  

With our 100% waterproof swimming shorts, your precious belongings will stay safe and dry. Both on land, and in the water.

RAKE x TIZIP®: Dutch Design meets German Engineering

“I am going for a dive, will you stay here and keep an eye on our stuff?” Situations like these are a thing of the past now!

To create our waterproof shorts, we partnered up with one of the industry’s key-players in heavy-duty, waterproof zippers: TIZIP®.

The TIZIP® zippers that are integrated into our shorts are not only waterproof, they are fully air tight. Each short is individually pressure tested, three times , before we send you your pair of RAKE shorts.

So whether you choose to backflip off of that bridge, or simply take a dip: your RAKE swim shorts will keep everything dry.